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Spytech SentryPC 2.2
Secure Filtering, Monitoring, and Access Control

The latest version of SentryPC provides many new features that make SentryPC the most robust parental control software on the market, while still being extremely easy to use. Read below to check out some of SentryPC's new key features.


  Improved Computer Usage Scheduling

Improved Time Management

SentryPC's time management system has been made easier to use with a new point and click time selection screen. Times no longer have to be manually entered; an entire week of time blocks can be scheduled with only a few clicks.

Weekly and Daily Maximum Usage Limits

SentryPC allows you to set maximum computer usage time limits for the entire week, and for each day of the week.

  Activity Filtering Enhancements

Improved Website Filtering

SentryPC can now block or allow websites whenever they are visited, or only at specific times. SentryPC can also be integrated with our new SentryNet service that allows for the instant blocking of thousands of harmful pornographic websites.

Improved Applications and Website Time Scheduling

SentryPC's time management for applications and websites is now much easier to use via the new time blocking window. Times can be quickly edited and changed on the fly, as well.

  Ease of Use Enhancements

Enhanced Log Management

SentryPC's new log viewers include built-in features that allow you to quickly cross-reference and link related log information together, search logs for keywords, filter specific events, and create easy to read log reports. Gone are the days of trying to sort through endless lists of log data looking for specific and related log events.

Enhanced Log and Summary Reporting

SentryPC offers a new log and settings report generator that allow you to easily create sleek log reports for printing and viewing. Reports include "Top 10" usage reports, log specific reports, settings overview reports, and activity summary reports.

  Logging and Monitoring Enhancements

Improved Websites Logging

SentryPC's website logging has been enhanced to show you exactly how long users have visited specific websites. Online search tracking has also been added to SentryPC so you can see what web searches users are performing.

Events Timeline Logging

SentryPC offers a timeline log viewer that allows you to see how things happened, in the order they happened. The events timeline shows when programs were started and closed, when websites were visited, when specific filtering events occurred, and more.

Screenshots Logging

SentryPC can now log screenshots, either by capturing the current open window or the entire desktop, allowing you to see a visual representation of what users on your computer are doing.

Email Log Delivery

SentryPC can now deliver activity logs, plus a current screenshot of the user's desktop, to your own personal email address when you want. This allows for convenient remote monitoring of your computer users.


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"Love your product. Wanted you to know that I tried 6 different software packages for my home PC and yours is absolutely the best. I have already recommended it to 3 other people who were looking for such a product. The interface is amazingly easy and intuitive, the data which is captured far exceeded my expectations and is extremely easy to retrieve."

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