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Parental Control
Protect your children from inappropriate online content

In today's wired world your children are only a few mouse clicks away from inappropriate and damaging content (such as pornography, explicit websites, and virus infected software).

  • 20% of the estimated 24 million children now online have been solicited for sex in the last year.

  • 725,000 estimated children have been "aggressively" asked for sex, defined as an offer to meet in person.

  • One in four children were sent pictures of people who were naked or having sex.
    (statistics taken from US Congressional Study submitted June 8, 2000)

Our computer monitoring software can easily give you the power to defend your child against inappropriate and unauthorized content. Our parental control tools, such as SpyAgent and SentryPC, can operate 24/7 while your children use your computer. Our software grants you the power to restrict what websites your children visit, who they talk to, and what programs they run. Our software can also lock your children out of your computer during specific time intervals (no more late night chat sessions)! Worried what your child is doing while you are at work? Our monitoring software can email you activity logs and abuse alerts - just incase they are trying to do the things you do not want them to do.

Our computer monitoring software will log and record what your child types, who they talk to, documents they open and print, what websites they visit, software titles they run, emails they send and receive, and even screenshots of their actual online activities.

Protect your child today from online threats!

   Our Parental Control Software Solutions...

Spytech SentryPC

SentryPC enables you to control, restrict and monitor access and usage of your PC. You can control how long and when users are allowed to use the computer, prevent the use of specific programs, block access to certain websites, restrict access to Windows functions and more. In addition to access control, the program can also record all activities, including keystrokes, website visits, applications ran, chats and more.

Spytech SpyAgent

The number one solution for computer monitoring and surveillance needs. Logs all keystrokes, applications, windows, websites, internet connections, emails sent and received, chat conversations, and even screenshots. Also, SpyAgent can filter websites and applications from being viewed on your PC!

SpyAgent runs in total stealth (if chosen) and has tons of features - all accessible from an easy to use interface.

SpyAgent has built in email delivery for REMOTE monitoring from afar - as long as you have access to your email.

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Spytech Keystroke Spy

Keystroke Spy is a cost-effective monitoring solution that allows you to easily, and efficiently log what your computer users are doing. Keystroke Spy is a powerful tool that can log every keystroke users type. Keystroke Spy can run in total stealth, email you when specific keywords are typed, and can even be set to log keystrokes only typed in specific applications.

Spytech SpyAnywhere

SpyAnywhere provides the power to remotely control computers with SpyAnywhere installed - all from your favorite web-browser! SpyAnywhere allows many powerful controls for remote control, and also allows you to remotely monitor other computers.

When combined with our SpyAgent spy software, SpyAnywhere turns into a powerful remote monitoring and surveillance solution - allowing you to remotely control and view SpyAgent's logs!

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SpyAgent/SpyAnywhere Remote Monitoring Suite

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"Love your product. Wanted you to know that I tried 6 different software packages for my home PC and yours is absolutely the best. I have already recommended it to 3 other people who were looking for such a product. The interface is amazingly easy and intuitive, the data which is captured far exceeded my expectations and is extremely easy to retrieve."

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