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SentryPC Updated! (2.10 to 2.20)
Posted on 01.17.08

SentryPC 2.20 offers improved chat logging and chat client blocking. SentryPC's SentryNet service has been updated to offer website content analysis for dynamic website filtering and blocking of adult, racist, and profane websites.

NetVizor Updated! (5.20 to 5.30)
Posted on 01.11.08

NetVizor has been updated to version 5.30. This version presents several new features and improvements. New features include remote stealth client installation for hands-free network deployment, activity trends analysis reports, complete network activity overview reports, and more. Computer management and activity logging has been made more efficient, and chat and file usage logging has been improved.

SpyAgent Updated! (6.02 to 6.10)
Posted on 12.23.07

SpyAgent 6.10 is an important update that offers a handful of new features and enhancements. New features include intelligent screenshot capturing, key phrase interface access, date-triggered self-removal, improved reports, and enhanced file and chat messenger logging.

SpyAgent Updated! (6.01 to 6.02)
Posted on 10.02.07

SpyAgent 6.02 offers improved overall performance, easier-to-read website content logs, increased file security, and several minor bug fixes.

SentryPC Updated! (2.0 to 2.10)
Posted on 09.24.07

SentryPC 2.10 is a minor update that addresses a compatibility issue with the Firefox browser. Time scheduling and access control features have been improved.

NetVizor Updated! (5.10 to 5.20)
Posted on 08.24.07

NetVizor 5.20 gives you the ability to view keystrokes users type in realtime as they are being typed. NetVizor's Realtime Ticker performance has been drastically increased, allowing for much faster refresh rates. This update also offers improved compatibility with the Firefox browser, and addresses several minor bugs.

SpyAnywhere 4.0 Released!
Posted on 08.07.07

SpyAnywhere 4.0 offers a handful of new features, improvements, and fixes over its previous versions. SpyAnywhere can now show you keystrokes remote users are typing in realtime, as they type them. SpyAnywhere's SpyAgent integration has been improved with easier log viewing and log management. Application and windows management has been improved, and SpyAnywhere's interface has received a new facelift, making it much more intuitive to new and current users.

NetVizor Updated! (5.0 to 5.10)
Posted on 05.10.07

NetVizor 5.10 is the first update to NetVizor's previous 5.0 release. File usage logging has been improved to allow for the monitoring of file activity on shared drives, and the viewer software now offers global, network-wide activity log searches.

SentryPC 2.0 Released!
Posted on 04.19.07

SentryPC 2.0 is a major upgrade that makes SentryPC the most feature-rich parental control software solution available anywhere, while being even easier to use than before. SentryPC's computer time management has been revamped and made extremely easy to setup and use while allowing for weekly and daily maximum usage limits. Website and application filtering scheduling has been improved. Added in this new version are logging features that allow you to see how long users are at websites, what online searches they perform, desktop screenshots, and more. Logs can be delivered via email, and reporting tools have been vastly improved.

Keystroke Spy Released!
Posted on 03.15.07

Keystroke Spy is an extremely powerful cost-effective alternative to our robust, all-in-one computer monitoring product - SpyAgent. Keystroke Spy, while being able to log all keystrokes typed by users without them knowing, can also be set to only log keystrokes typed in specific applications and windows. Allowing you to see who users are talking to, what websites they visit, emails they send, and more, Keystroke Spy also has the ability to email you logs, and notify you when users type specific keywords - such as names or addresses.

Realtime-Spy Updated! (3.0 to 3.10)
Posted on 02.08.07

Realtime-Spy has been upgraded to version 3.1. This version addresses compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 7.0, FireFox 2.0, and AOL Instant Messenger 6.0. The archive utility has also been improved.

NetVizor 5.0 Released!
Posted on 02.01.07

NetVizor 5.0 makes comprehensive network monitoring an extremely easy task. This new version of NetVizor includes many new features that improve logging, report generation, realtime surveillance, remote administration, and overall ease-of-use. NetVizor can now show you, with a single click, a visual of each desktop of every user on your network. NetVizor's log reports have been enhanced to include Top 10 reports for email, web, and application activities. New logging features, such as internet traffic data logging and file system logging have been included as well. NetVizor's web and viewer interfaces have been improved for easier usage. Combining realtime, visual network surveillance with detailed logging and enhanced reporting, NetVizor is an unmatched network monitoring solution.

SentryPC Updated! (1.70 to 1.80)
Posted on 01.23.07

SentryPC 1.80 addresses compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 7.0 and AOL Instant Messenger 6.0.

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SentryPC 2.20

NetVizor 5.30

SpyAgent 6.10

SpyAnywhere 4.0

Keystroke Spy 1.10

Realtime-Spy 3.10

PrivacyAgent 4.0

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